“The church isn’t a building, the church is people.”   -Senior Pastor Jon Hauser


There are four areas where you can begin serving at Prairie Heights. Which one suits you best? 

1. Kidventure – From rocking babies to helping elementary kids learn about Jesus. Kidventure uses games, skits, technology and small groups to connect kids with Christ and each other in a way that is relevant to their lives. We need people who love and want to spend their time loving kids

2. Weekend Service Production – Cameras, computers, lights and sound – the weekend service production crew creates the atmosphere in the auditorium each week. We need people who love to be behind the scenes making sure everything works GREAT for Sunday services

3. First Impressions – Welcome! First Impressions volunteers create Prairie Heights’ warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everything you notice when you first walk through the door – greeters, coffee, ushers. We need people who want to help others feel welcomed and comfortable from the parking lot to their seat.

4. Set-Up (Levites) – Called the “Levites” this team literally sets the stage. They work behind the scenes to set-up, tear down, and organize the auditorium, the kids spaces, and the lobby each week. There are crews who come early to set-up and stay late to put everything away. We need people who love to move stuff around and/or keep it all organized.

Now’s the time! Fill out the form below to get started or ask any additional questions and someone from our volunteer team will contact you with next steps. 

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