Quick Reminder & Ministry Center Update

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday we start our summer worship schedule with only one service at 11am!!

Thank you for praying for our meetings with the City of West Fargo Commissioners, city engineer, planning director, and adjoining property owners.  Several issues were resolved and the goal (which now looks very achievable) is to have 4th street constructed on the east side of our property by November 1, 2010!  It will be a very nice divided road.  Our 7,000 sq ft ministry center will be built in a very nice part of town near parks, ponds, and bike trails.  I have already learned that with building projects and owning 31 acres of development land there are many ups, downs, questions and conversations in the process but God remains the same and He is preparing the way before us.  If things go as the City of West Fargo now plans for 4th street construction and our combination of financing/financial gifts is adequate we can finish our site work, foundation, and get the shell of the building put up before winter.  We can then have a blast working on the building over the winter.  This would be a real blessing and miracle.

Thank you for being a part of this growing family!  Have a God-filled day!

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