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This Sunday, February 28th, and next Sunday, March 7th, our Sunday Celebration Services will be at our regular time, 9:30 and 11:00, but at a different location, the Courtyard by Marriot at 1080 28th Ave S in Moorhead.  If you are ever unsure of our Sunday meeting time or location we always update our website,, and our answering machine at our office at 701.298.9181.

Pastor Manoj Ingle from New Hope Community Church in Winnipeg (originally from India) did a wonderful job of sharing the hope we can find in despair from the example found in Luke 24.  Jesus will come near to us, He will give us a firm foundation from His Word, the Bible, and He will reveal himself to us.  Manoj shared the story of a young man in India, 100 years ago, who was given some Christian literature.  As this young man read this literature Jesus came near to him and revealed himself to him.  Through that literature he became a born-again follower of Jesus Christ.  Some years later that man, married with 2 small children who were very sick, was rejected by his parents because of his faith in Christ but a local church and a Bible college reached out to this man, his wife, and 2 small children.  That man and his son became pastors and the son developed a Christian radio ministry in India that has influenced 1,000s of people for Christ.  Manoj revealed that the man was his grandfather and the small boy was his father.  And now, God has called Manoj to be a pastor and he also will influence 1,000s of people for Christ.  The “ripple effect” of one step of faith is absolutely amazing.  I pray that God will lead each of us to some new “ripples” this week.  We may never realize the impact that step of faith will have until we get to heaven.

This week I will be back on Relationslips as we look at two ice dams that can block communication.  We will participate in Communion together.

Jesus is truly a friend like no other.  This morning I was reading in Revelation.  The Bible says in Revelation 12:10-11 “The accuser (Satan) of our brothers, accuses them before our God day and night”, but we can overcome him “by the blood of the lamb (Jesus) and by the word of their testimony.”  Then in Revelation 13 we read in John’s vision that God had an angel who “had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.”  Jesus isn’t about to give up on anyone.  He persistently and passionately draws all people to His Father.  Over the years at Prairie Heights, I have heard so many creative and unusual ways that Jesus revealed himself to those He longed to connect with.  It always amazes and inspires me to hear those stories of changed lives and it motivates us to continue doing what we are doing.

Have a great week.  I appreciate each of you so much.  It is really a blast to see what God is doing among us and through us!  To God be the glory…great things He is doing!        

See you at the Courtyard by Marriot on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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