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Our city is looking a little “whiter” than Sunday.  Fluffy white stuff falling from the sky will do that!  God’s Word also “whitens” and “cleans up” our lives as the Bible provides us Promise, Protection, and Peace!  I love the thoughts that Pastor Dustin gave us on Sunday that our future is as BRIGHT as ALL the promises of God!  Regardless of our foul-ups, bloopers, or blunders, our past actions can never delete God’s promises available for our future.  I am sure thankful for that.  God’s promises do require obedience on our part.  But, that is so we can mature and find His protection and peace.  God’s Word is meant to protect His creation.  He loves us and desires only the best for us.  We often struggle with “our way” rather than His way!  And, yes, it is easy to replace the Bible with common opinion, my thoughts, or my experiences.  Most of what Jesus taught goes against the flow of our society and our living here in America.

During the Music4Life Series we are praying that you will see how much the Bible relates to your everyday life and that you will build your life on God’s foundation.  So, for the next four weeks we are going to give you some suggested Bible passages to read.  Here are the passages for this week:

Psalm 119:1-49 Read through Psalm 119. Highlight one verse that speaks to you and then memorize it! Reading and memorizing scripture is a way we can experience the power of God’s Word at work in our lives! Just look at Psalm 119:11!

Psalm 119:50-99 Notice God’s Word lasts forever (vs. 89)! Through all generations it is faithful (vs. 90)!

Psalm 119:100-149 Notice verses 105-112 describe God’s Word as a lamp and a light to our path. What does it mean to allow God’s word to guide our path?

Psalm 119:149-176 Notice the author’s response to the suffering they are facing. How do we respond to suffering in our own lives?

John 16:17-33 It can be easy to follow God’s word when things are going well in life. It can be easy to feel at peace. Notice how Jesus warns the disciples that there will come a time of troubled waters, but they can still have peace during those times!

Psalm 27 No fear in Christ!

THIS SUNDAY:  Service will be at 9:30am and 11:00am at Cheney Middle School in West Fargo (NW corner of I94 and 9th street E).  Be there early to see the opening “piece”.  It is something you have never seen before at Prairie Heights as we celebrate the 80s!  You won’t want to miss it!

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