PHCC Update

This Sunday promises to be another Spirit-packed service!  Our kindergarten through 5th grade Kidventure Kids are singing in service..woooooo hooooooo!!  We love investing in kids at Prairie Heights and cheering them on in their life and spiritual journey.  Let’s do our best to sit up close and toward the middle of rows as the auditorium will be full for both services and our desire is to leave room for guests at the end of rows and towards the back.  We want to live a life of servant leadership as followers of Jesus Christ!

Did you know that on a typical Sunday 35% of those at Prairie Heights are under the age of 18….that is AMAZING!  All of us must be involved in some way if we want to make a difference in the future of our world.  This Sunday we will receive a special offering dedicated to helping Prairie Heights increase our effectiveness at sharing Christ with the Next Generation in 2011.

I will wrap up our TOXIC series this Sunday.  I have received more positive feedback, heard ways God is helping people, and sensed a buzz over this series than any series we have ever done at Prairie Heights.  To God be all the glory!  This week I will wrap up with a doozy…toxic influences…as we look at the influence of the media we listen to, watch, read, and video games we play.  It will be a sensitive topic, and uncomfortable, BUT I believe God helps us grow when we talk about delicate subjects!  And, my desire is for all of us to grow Christ-like!

I am looking forward to Sunday and will plan on seeing you then!  Attached is our Christmas flyer for our Christmas series.

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