PHCC Update

I am really excited about the TOXIC series we are in and how people are responding to God’s Word!  Every human heart is hungry for God’s Truth whether we know it or admit it.  So far we have looked at Toxic Thoughts and Toxic Religion.

Religion can be a slippery slope and soon we, as Christians and churches, are arguing and focusing on “preferences”, “worship styles”, “people, power, and position”, “finances”, “tangent issues”, “external appearance”, and “theological differences” and we overlook the main thing.  I will tell you this totally ticks me off!  If you know me you know I am pretty laid back.  But, when it appears to me the mission Christ called us to is being kidnapped, ignored, or perverted, I do get pretty passionate and excited.  I figure if Christ was willing to die for it, I need to defend it as He called me to serve His church!  And the main thing is that Jesus was sent by His Father, our perfect Heavenly Father and Creator, to learn obedience, live a life without sin, to face betrayal, pain, suffering, and death in order to conquer the power of sin in the heart of a human life and to invite all people to experience salvation, righteousness, and eternal life in heaven! God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 1 Corinthians 5:21 Now, that is the best news I have ever heard and experienced in my life!  I can’t be good enough.  I cannot earn salvation.  I am banking on being forgiven in Christ and in turn I choose daily to “Love the Lord OUR God with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength!  And to gladly, willingly, joyfully obey ALL that Christ commanded us!”

God is moving in wonderful ways.  Thank you for participating and investing in God’s family and making a difference in the future of the upper Midwest.  Yesterday, God brought RECORD ATTENDANCE to PRAIRIE HEIGHTS…………………………….764 people! At a time we read about declining attendance and participation in churches in Fargo-Moorhead and cities across America, God is bringing more people every Sunday.  My prayer is today there are 764 Prairie Heighters in the streets, offices, homes, stores, apartments of Fargo-Moorhead and other communities actively growing and representing Christ.

How about we all invite someone to church in December and see if we can hit 800 one Sunday?

I’m anxious to share with you what God is laying on my heart regarding Toxic Words this Sunday.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

“I thank you God for what you are doing and allowing us to be a small part of your global plan!  May we live with attitudes of gratitude for the 1000s of blessings you provide us!”

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