PHCC Update

Jesus “cranked up” our understanding of friendship to something much deeper than what we typically see or hear about in this world.  For His all-in followers, Jesus gave a command for authentic friendship in which we “love each other as Jesus loved us” (John 13:34-35).  How did Jesus love?  Sacrificially, regardless of the cost, He was real, honest, with no strings attached, loyal, devoted…

Jesus commanded us to love this way not for what it will do for us or what we get or because we all need friends, but to grow our character and “so that the world may know that God sent Jesus and that God loves them even as He loved His Son.” (John 17:20-21)

Do you know what will change Fargo-Moorhead 100 years from now?  It is not a diversion project or keeping the 10 commandments up in front of city hall.  It is not picketing the abortion clinic or having more higher paying jobs.  It is not improved school districts, education or seeing strip clubs close down.  What changes the world is, one life at a time, when believers go “all-in” and allow God to transform their mindset to view life through God’s perspective and self-assess their strengths and weaknesses and mobilize themselves in a local church and love each other as Christ demonstrated love for us!  It is incredible if you take time to read Romans 12 and really think about it.  Romans 12:9-13 describes authentic friendships as the real you meeting real needs for the right reason in the right way.  Check it out this week!

What would it look like if we spent as much energy pursuing God and loving each other as we do the various other pursuits we all dedicate ourselves to on a daily basis?  There are hurts, pain, harmful habits, dark mindsets, religious patterns void of transformation, prejudice and spiritual complacency that run very deep in our community.  Our only hope is in Jesus Christ and His followers being who He called us to be.  Our opportunity is to love God with all of our hearts, to love each other as Christ loved, and to practice grass-roots hospitality as we reach out to our community one co-worker, one neighbor at a time.  I am still growing.  God has much work left in me.  But my heart longs to be a Romans 12 follower of Christ and for our church to be full of Romans 12 followers!  Together, God is using us to change the core of our city.  I am really “proud” of you and your journeys and our journey together!

Ministry Center Prayer Update:

There are 3 prayer emphasis I would ask we all keep in mind throughout this project:

1.       For physical safety and spiritual growth for all of the contractors and volunteers. Our desire is that this isn’t just another construction project but an opportunity for God to work in the lives of construction personnel.

2.       That God would provide miracle financial gifts of all amounts to reduce future debt to a minimum.  This will allow ministry to continue at the high growth rate we have seen for the last 3 years.

3.       Please pray for the ministries that will grow and flourish in this building – life groups, Oxygen for middle and high school students on Wednesday nights, connections, office volunteers and staff.

Kidventure families: you are invited to the Pizza Ranch in Dilworth from 5-8pm tonight for supper (everyone will buy their own meal) and to hang out with Pastor Dustin and the Kidventure Staff! My family and I will be there also.

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