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Yesterday’s sermon, “How to have an affair”, was pretty intense but I believe it is a topic that God cares about.  He cares deeply about our relationships and our marriages.  If you are not married today but someday will be, you are in “pre-marital” preparation TODAY and you are in strict training for living a life of faithfulness to your future spouse.  It is never too early to begin “affair-proofing” your future marriage.

I had 3 goals and prayers I was asking God for:  #1 healing for those affected by the sin of adultery (whether we are unfaithful to others or others are unfaithful to us God IS still FAITHFUL!), #2 for revealing any sin in our lives that is negatively impacting our relationships, families, and marriage and that we would ask God for forgiveness, His power, strength, and wisdom to overcome temptation, #3 dealing out a huge neon WARNING sign for anyone getting anywhere close to taking the path of adultery (DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO RUN AS FAST AND AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN) that we must invest in our marriage, set tight and accountable boundaries, and think hard and long about the cost adultery will cost you before you find yourself in potentially compromising situations or thought patterns.

I challenged every married couple to pull out a Bible and read Proverbs 5 together.  In the 11am service the wives were delegated responsibility for doing this with their husbands!  After reading Proverbs 5 together, I want you and your spouse to talk about “intimacy” and discuss how you are doing in the 10 areas of intimacy (see the attached handout).

I also included in the attached handout the charts I showed yesterday describing “God’s Plan for Dating and Relationships” and what seems to be the “Current Standard Operating Procedure for Dating and Relationships”.

This Sunday Pastor Dan will be speaking on “Making Sense of Sex.”  This will be another PG-13 service and we highly encourage all children through 5th grade to have a blast in their Kidventure classes!  One reason we invest so much time and money in our Sunday morning Kidventure ministry is so parents can enjoy a focused time on their journey with God without allowing our children to distract us and others.  You are giving your children a great gift and modeling an important decision in your life by bringing them to church, having them participate in their Kidventure class, and sharing with them how important it is for you to focus on your relationship with God.

Have a fantastic week!  See you on Sunday!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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