PHCC Update

God gave us an incredible time together Sunday. The stage was jam-packed with kids singing an original song written and produced by a 9-yr old girl from Prairie Heights. In both services the kids received a standing ovation. Doesn’t every child deserve a standing ovation? I sure think so. And yesterday there were around 100 children who did! We videotaped the children singing and that will be available on our website in a few weeks.

For our Relationslips series I reminded us how important our words are and how much damage unhealthy talk can do to the most meaningful relationships and groups we are a part of. Unhealthy talk includes gossip, negativity, and mis-addressed criticism. There are over 60 Scriptures in the Bible where God addresses unhealthy talk. God longs for us to be connected to Him and to others and takes very seriously the way unhealthy talk divides and destroys.

If you take all of the verses in the 4 first-hand accounts of the life of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) 32% cover the last week of the 33 years Jesus lived. And the most recorded day of the last week of His life was His last 24 hours. In His last 24 hours we read about: The last supper, Peter’s denial of Jesus, Jesus’ trial and sentencing by Pilate, The crucifixion, and Jesus’ burial. This week I want to encourage you to read Matthew 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 22-24, or John 18-20. Perhaps you can do this with someone else? Stop occasionally as you read and ask yourself “What do Jesus’ actions demonstrate to me about His character? Based on Jesus’ actions how does God want me to be like Christ to someone else this week?”

This Thursday, April 1st, PHCC will celebrate our 9th anniversary! Wow, time flies. Not that long ago PHCC was a handful of people who fit in our living room. Today, we are seeing God bring faith into the lives of a wide variety of people like never before. There were 739 people at PHCC last Sunday! Every day I thank God for “messing” my plans up and inviting my family and me back to Fargo-Moorhead. Last Sunday I reminded us how serious we take Christ’s mission to live and share God’s Word with all people. I often pray and ask God that if we are steering off course that He make it very clear to me and if I don’t listen that He would do whatever He needs to do to shut us down. But, if we are following His will that He would pour the blessings from heaven upon us. Well, last week I witnessed more miracles at PHCC than any week in my life. We saw a miracle healing from cancer, 3 financial/ministry miracles, and a spiritual miracle. We always walk by faith but it sure is fun when we visibly see God’s mighty hand at work!!!

Attached is an invitation to celebrate Easter at the Fargodome you can download and email to a friend! We have a special Easter gift for all the children who participate in Kidventure.

Since one of our “neighbors” recently moved out we were able to add a few more rooms to our current office space. We could use 4 desks (one L shaped), and a couple of bookcases and file cabinets to help furnish this space. Please let Pastor Dan (pastordanatprairieheightsdotcom or 298.9181) know if you or your company have some used items that are available for donation. God has already supplied some computers and flat screen monitors that were needed!! We will now have some space available for office volunteers to serve during the day. My wife, Teri, was a stay-at-home mom when we lived in Minneapolis and she loved volunteering time at our church office there. It was a day she looked forward to and she learned a lot. So, if anyone is interested in being trained to answer the phone or print out worship folders or other office projects please reply and let me know!

I will see you this Sunday on my favorite Sunday of the year!!!

Jon Hauser, Pastor

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