Losing Our Buts

Life is unfair and sometimes cruel.  Sometimes we’re the victim of someone else’s irresponsibility. But if I’m not careful, blaming others for my lack of progress can become a habit.

But it’s not hurting anyone has become a cultural value by which many people live their lives.

We all have times in our lives when we feel inadequate. Every single person is insecure in some way. We all doubt if we have what it takes in one area or another.

This series is all about the excuses, all the “but I’m not”, “but I can’t”, “but it’s not my”, “but I just can’t stop” excuses that keep us from where God wants us to be! 

Join us for this series so that together we can quit the excuses and take responsibility for our lives.

January 5th: But It’s Not My Fault

January 12th: But It’s Not Hurting Anyone
January 19th: But I Don’t Have What It Takes
January 26th: But I Don’t Have Time


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