HABAKKUK Difficult Questions…Troubling Answers

You’re Invited to Prairie Heights for a new teaching series called HABAKKUK Difficult Questions…Troubling Answers. Begins Sunday, August 5th!

Is it wrong to have hard questions for God?  Does it show a lack of faith?  Is it just as wrong to ignore our questions or hurtful circumstances and bury our head in the sand?  What do you do when you are disillusioned with God?  How do you make your way out of a “dip” in your faith or relationship with God?  In the Old Testament this is where the prophet Habakkuk was at.  He had the courage to ask God difficult questions and the answers were even more troubling.  How did he respond?  How should we respond?  Join us throughout August to find out!

August 5: Why doesn’t God seem fair?

August 12: What do you do when you are in the dip?

August 26: Climbing out of the dip.

September 2: Living on the Heights!


You can expect:

* Casual Dress

* Practical Teaching

* Rockin’ Music

*Awesome Kidventure Classes for birth thru 5th grade

* Church that’s actually fun!


Service Times: 9:30am and 11:00am

Location: FargoDome

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