Elementary January 9

Hello! In elementary (K-5th grade) this week, we strapped on our skis and headed for the mountains for some serious, X-Factor Games style downhill skiing with Rock Steadfast and his sidekick, Scooter. We learned that a part of being a disciple of Jesus is listening AND obeying what the Bible says. Let’s take a moment to experiment. Find a mirror or something that you can see your reflection in pretty clearly, and look at yourself for about ten seconds. Then look away. Without looking at the mirror again, do you still remember what you look like? Are you positive? While it may seem stupid that you could forget what you look like, the Bible says in James 1:23-25 that anyone who listens to what the Bible says but doesn’t do it is just like someone who sees their reflection and then forgets what they look like. You see, it doesn’t do us any good to just read the Bible or just listen to a sermon. It’s when we study the Word, know it as well as we know our own reflections, and put it into practice that a change is made. That’s what it takes to be a true disciple of Jesus. Just look at the first twelve disciples Jesus picked. The only one who truly didn’t obey what Jesus taught was Judas, and he didn’t turn out so well. The rest of them became world-changers. That’s the kind of disciple that I want to be:  one that listens and obeys.

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