Elementary April 24

Hello parents!

The elementary kids (K-5th grade) did something a little different this week for Easter Sunday.  We heard the true story of Easter through an exciting newscast skit!  It was kind of like we were really there, walking through the story with Jesus.  We learned how important it was that Jesus died AND rose again.  When He died, He took all of our sins upon Himself.  But, it wasn’t enough that He just died; He had to defeat death and completely take away our punishment for our sin.  If He had not, we still would not be able to go to Heaven and be reunited with God.  He did this even though we do not deserve such love.

Family Fun: This Friday, April 29th, is Arbor Day.  So, what can you do as a family on Arbor Day?  Well, I remember one Arbor Day when I was little, my family decided to plant a tree in our yard in memory of my great grandmother who had recently passed away.  Every time I looked at that tree, I was reminded of that incredible lady, and the love she had for everyone.  Your challenge is to plant a tree in honor of someone or something.  As a family, talk about that person and what they meant to you.  Or, you can plant a tree as reminder of something like God’s steadfast love.  If you don’t have room for a tree, plant a flower or make a Grass Buddy (http://kidsgrowingstrong.com/grass_budy).  Whatever you choose to do, just know that it will make a memory that your child will never forget.

See you Sunday!

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