Parents, while you are enjoying the weekend service, your elementary kids will be having more fun than you thought possible! We believe kids grow in relationship with friends and adults. So in Kidventure we do church differently.

1. Kidventure hang time: we begin with a time for making friends while playing awesome games (video games, angry birds, beyblades, and much more!)

2. Kidventure large group: we gather together for a high-energy teaching time with relevant videos, music, dancing, and drama.

3. Kidventure small groups: we end with a fun review activity in small groups. It’s a chance for kids to build relationships with God and each other.

First Time in Kidventure? Our Kids’ Check-In volunteers are excited to welcome your family!

1. Stop by our Kids’ Check In Stations, located inside the front doors of the lobby.

2. Fill out the Family Information Form to register your kids.

3. Our volunteers will accompany you to your kid’s next adventure.

Eagan Future StarsEagan Future Stars

Safety & Security
Every weekend at Kids’ Check In your family is assigned a random code printed on the child’s name tag and on a corresponding parent tag that you keep. This same code will show up on the side screens in the auditorium if one of your children need you. A background check is performed on all volunteers who serve with kids. Here is the process:


a. Place the nametag on your child.

b. Hang on to your parent tag for pick up.

c. Bring your child(ren) to their class in Kidventure!


a. Show parent tag to your child’s teacher.

b. Initial the Kidventure roster next to your child’s name.

c. If you lose your parent tag, please have photo ID ready at pick up.

Well-Child Policy

Click HERE to find out more about what to do if your kid is sick.