Early Childhood (Birth – 5yrs)

It’s not childcare, it’s an unforgettable experience. Parents, we LOVE your kids.

We LOVE teaching your kids about Jesus. We LOVE teaching them that God loves them and created them. We LOVE teaching them the amazing stories of the Bible. We LOVE creating a place they can experience God’s love through having fun, making friends, and feeling safe. Our exciting rooms are designed for two groups:

  • Infant/Walker

The nursery is for the little ones – birth through 35 months old. They’ll crawl, climb, sing, read books, and play with toys. We have age-appropriate activities, snacks, toys, and books for your kids to enjoy. They will make friends with other kids and our caring volunteers.

We recommend parents bring a diaper bag and bottle, both labeled with your kid’s name.

  • Preschool

Kids ages 3-5 will travel into an imaginative world with animation, songs, video segments, crafts, snacks, and group games. They will be surrounded by adults who care about them and friends they can learn and grow with. It will be an unforgettable time that will have a lasting impression on their hearts.

Safety & Security

We know it can be difficult to leave your little one behind in a new place so we want to assure you all of our rooms have been designed with your kid in mind. Every weekend at Family Check In your family is assigned a random code that is printed on your kid’s name tag and on a corresponding parent tag that you keep. This same code will show up on the side screens in the worship area in the event that one of your kids needs you.

Each weekend your kids are joined by volunteers who truly care about them. These volunteers love spending time with kids and making sure they have a great experience. Every volunteer is trained and screened for background checks to ensure your kids will have a fun, safe time in Kidventure!

Well-Child Policy

Click HERE to find out more about what to do if your kid is sick.