Kidventure Early Childhood

Parents, we LOVE your kids!
We LOVE teaching them the amazing stories of the Bible.
We LOVE creating a place where they can experience God’s love through having fun and making friends!

Kidventure Presents

Relive incredible moments from the Bible! Oceans are parted,city walls crumble, giants are defeated, and fire falls from the sky!

Come experience the most amazing lessons of the Bible in Kidventure! God has big lessons to teach us and He knows how to teach in big ways! So step inside, take a seat and hold on tight. This one is going to be EPIC!

Epic Kids will begin THIS Thursday February 4 and Sunday February 7 in our classes for kids ages 3 to 5th grade, called Kidventure.

PARENTS: Look for the Memory Verse Cards when picking up your children. It will contain what we learned and a follow up activity you can do at home each week!

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